My Random Thoughts on Tactical Vests and Chest Rigs

I’m not in the military, but I love chest rigs. They just work. I love them when I play airsoft, they are great when you are out hunting whitetail, or even camping. Here’s why I love tactical vests and chest rigs.

  1. The load out capacity – I think the amount you can fit in one of these tactical chest rigs is nothing short of amazing. I live in a hot climate and I don’t like wearing cargo pants when it is summer and I go out in the woods all day. This thing allows me to wear shorts, but still take all the magazines, ammo, medical equipment, etc I need. Even if you wear cargo pants, this just expands your capacity.
  2. Weight distribution – I really like having my extra ammo, etc up near my chest and not down in pockets in my pants. I feel more nimble, even carrying the same amount of weight. I can run better and am generally just more comfortable.
  3. Modularity – Tactical vests and chest rigs are incredibly versatile these days. You can load up tactical vests with MOLLE systems to carry a lot of gear. On the flip side, you can take off gear, and only carry what you need. This is huge, and is incredibly versatile, from armor┬áplates to a simple magazine carrier, the choice is yours.
  4. Speed – It is so much easier to reload and get what you need if it is up near your chest and easy to get to. Especially when comparing it to pockets in your pants, things held in your backpack, etc.

Body Armor

Okay, that’s enough of my random thought for the day. Have a great weekend, everyone!